100 Vaginas

100 Vaginas | feature documentary | TX date 19th February 2019 on Channel 4, and full documentary available On Demand.

A bold, feminist film about how the vulva has shaped our view of the world, and the shame around female sexuality.

nomination Best Specialist Factual Programme @ Broadcast Awards (2020)
nomination Editing Documentary/Factual @ The Royal Television Society Awards (2019)

prod Burning Bright Productions | distributor Channel 4 | director Jenny Ash | location London, UK

"Shocking stuff for mainstream TV and yet it isn’t, there is nothing salacious or pornographic here, the effect is more like a beautiful painting. I felt I was viewing a Rembrandt or an Old Dutch Master. Full marks for the cinematography."

"I (Jenny Ash, director) was excited to come across cinematographer Ann Evelin Lawford’s work which has an unusual and arresting female gaze. This is actually her first foray into broadcast television – and she added a great intensity and beauty to the film."

"The camera work in 100 Vaginas is exquisite. It never feels intrusive or exploitative, although the subject matter is about as up-close-and-personal as it is possible to be."
The Independent ★★★★★

"What it undoubtedly was, instead, was gently but firmly and relentlessly radical."
The Guardian ★★★★★

"Far more than mere titillation – this was an important sex education film."
The Telegraph ★★★★★