Ann Evelin Lawford


The artist’s encounters with, and perceptions of gender equality, womanhood, duress, mental health and trauma are the themes of Ann Evelin Lawford’s imagery, and carve a path of self-discovery, confrontation, change and awareness.

Whether photographing human bodies or landscapes; her images are charged with eeriness, alienation, disturbance, intrigue and melancholy. The gaze of the subjects is often jarring; staring straight into the lens, or holding a fixation on something or someone off camera. Their clothing (or lack thereof), body movements and surroundings are visual expressions drawn from the artist’s memories.

Any narrative inferred from her work is a construct of the viewer’s imagination heightened by the artist’s natural instinct for telling stories by inducing feelings and emotions. The use of soft focus, blur, abstraction and raw graininess adds to the photograph’s intriguing and eternal qualities.

The artist has been vocal about her support for the #TimesUp movement and the conversation on the way the industry (and society) is exposing and discussing issues once considered as taboo, her aim is to cut through the red tapes with sensitivity and sensibility and shed light to once unspoken predicaments, perpetuated through complex and perhaps invisible societal webs.

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Fabrik Hero // Fabrik // April 2018
To Just Be // Curator Picks 'Curator Series' // Frēsh 18 // April 2018
Introspection // Winner 'Portraiture Carbon Award'// Frēsh 18 // April 2018
To Just Be // Curated by Girls // April 2018

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