The often-autobiographical themes in Ann Evelin Lawford’s works have in common the artist’s fascination with the human condition, human behaviour, and the psyche. This fascination stems from the artist’s encounters with duress, mental illness, childhood trauma, womanhood, and inequality.

Creating imagery allows the artist to delve deeper into her unconscious mind to explore difficult terrain of emotional stresses and complexity in an attempt to understand the self, and visualise what she cannot see. She can wander endlessly in empty, decaying spaces and alien landscapes to create a physical reality of the mental space she is often trapped in, and the invisible barriers that withhold her from becoming ‘time light’, and free from the past.

She is a self-taught artist, and her visual expression comes from within, and is intuitively and emotionally driven. She is passionate about conversing on the way the industry is exposing and discussing issues still considered as taboo. She likes to cut through the red tapes with sensitivity and sensibility and shed light on unspoken predicaments, perpetuated through complex and perhaps invisible societal and political webs.

She has realised that openness is one of the most important approaches to tackling life in general and the stigmas and preconceptions we have.

Introspection // Portraiture Carbon Award // Frēsh 18 // April 2018

Fabrik Hero // Fabrik // April 2018
To Just Be // Curator Picks 'Curator Series' // Frēsh 18 // April 2018
To Just Be // Curated by Girls // April 2018

solo exhibitions
Introspection // The Old Vic Theatre, London, United Kingdom // 2017

group exhibitions
Scattered with Puncture // SqArt Craftwerk, Golden Square, London, United Kingdom // 2013
Concealment // SqArt Craftwerk, Golden Square, London, United Kingdom // 2013
Concealment // Films of Summer, Anteros Art Foundation, Norwich, United Kingdom // 2012
Concealment // Bright Sparks, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, United Kingdom // 2012
Concealment // New Dynamics, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, United Kingdom // 2012

first class BA (Hons) Film & TV Production // Cambridge School of Art // 2012

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