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Ann Evelin Lawford is a Dutch-born cinematographer, currently based in London. She has always had an urge to tell stories and induce feelings or emotions by creating images. With a background in art history and fine art, she is a great admirer of European, independent and art house cinema, and films that challenge our perspectives and the definition of cinema in general. Her natural instinct guides her visual expression as she strives for her images to have a sensitive and distinct point of view on the world, and to carry a personality and a distinct style. Capturing life in an eternal and intriguing way. Foremost, she is a lover of art, and very sensitive to the aesthetic tradition of film...

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Vision @ Wizzo (UK)
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Nomination BSC Emerging Cinematographer // October 2018
Fabrik Hero // Fabrik // April 2018
I'll Probably Never See You Again // Winner 'Cinematography Carbon Award' // Frēsh 18 // April 2018
I'll Probably Never See You Again // Curator Picks 'Curator Series' // Frēsh 18 // April 2018
Member // BSC Club // February 2018
Ray Blk 'Patience' // Winner 'Best Urban Video' // UKMVA's // October 2017
Marika Hackman 'My Lover Cindy' // Winner 'VEVO Must See Award' // UKMVA's // October 2017
Member // BAFTA Crew 2017-18 // March 2017
'Spirit Animal' // American Cinematographer Magazine // December 2016 (page 28-32)
'The Silent Man' // i-D Magazine // May 2016
Member // BAFTA Crew 2016-17 // March 2016
Member // BAFTA Crew 2015-16 // March 2015

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